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10 hashtags you should NEVER use

#BFF (If you are over 18)

#NoPainNoGain (When at the gym. P.S. Never take photos at the gym)

#Blessed (When posting pictures of sunsets)

#FoodPorn (It’s a salad – and no one cares)

#IWokeUpLikeThis (No you didn’t – you are wearing concealer in that selfie and your ‘bed hair’ has been manipulated)

#Goals (To accompany a Nineties photo of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. They broke up. And the rest)

#JustSaying (When you’ve said something unkind. Permission to be a bitch not granted)

#Truth (Permission to be a bitch still not granted)

#DontShootTheMessenger (OK, you need to stop talking now)

#SadFace (Use a gif like a normal person)

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