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10 emojis never to use when attempting online dating

  1. Crystal ball: Already imagining your future together? Picturing your wedding? Try and keep that to yourself (you raging psycho).
  2. The realistic whale as opposed to the cartoon whale: Stop being so serious. Even David Attenborough would send the cartoon whale.
  3. Ghost: Now you’re just being creepy. Settle down.
  4. AubergineNot even going to dignify that with an explanation.
  5. Quivering heart: Too keen. Call the police.
  6. Baby bottle of milk: Running for the hills now.
  7. The magnifying glass: Maybe just wear a sandwich board that says, “If we go out, I will go through your texts”?
  8. The pair of eyes: No, really go ahead. If you want to come across as weak/needy/paranoid/insecure. These are all deeply sexual and appealing (!). *edges away towards the door*
  9. The skull: Serial killer. Now actually screaming.
  10. Broken heart: Rebound alert! Clear the area!
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